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About The Big Homies

Big Homies was started in hopes of helping the youth reach their full potential and prepare for a positive and productive lifestyle.  Our primary location is in the community of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Our mentors are highly trained and certified Engagement Specialists who have spent decades involved in reducing gang violence, revitalizing impoverished communities and helping youth plan and prepare for successful futures. 

We look forward to sharing and hearing about the daily lives and interests of our members, as well as addressing all community concerns that we share.


This site is an open and honest platform, designed for encouragement, uplifting, learning, and sharing.

The Big Homies facilitate and participate in multiple community projects, and this is where you can find updates or sign up for the different groups, clubs and events that will come in the future.  We hope you enjoy your journey through the images, stories, and the information that will be highlighted here.  The content will be unique, so go ahead and scroll around, perhaps you’ll discover how we can help the youth in our communities together.  Are you ready to be involved?

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